Trialogue exists to provide two distinct levels of services, to two different parties:

The first is to build a better work/life balance for the growing independent contractor community by presenting carefully curated, contract opportunities in one dedicated place.

The second is to work with nonprofit organizations to present their contract-based needs clearly and concisely to the contractor community.

For far too long independent contractors have had to struggle with spending countless hours searching for new work opportunities, responding to RFP’s and participating in far too many post-work meet and greet events, just to find work.

For nonprofits, finding a qualified candidate to take on specific tasks, often through a strategic plan, can be a mixed bag; do we choose a skilled practitioner or go through an agency? Are we asking for too much from one individual?

Trialogue’s goal is to help nonprofit organizations by forgoing the cumbersome and time-consuming RFP process by stepping in and carefully playing “match-maker,” connecting them to qualified talent who can provide needed services for identified projects.

We believe that work performed by the independent contractor community isn’t just a “gig.” If you are an independent contractor tired of wasting time searching for roles, click here to register for free today. Trialogue is committed to finding you your next opportunity!

If you are a nonprofit, and you are looking to find talented help, send us a message.  We are committed to connecting your organization to the many talented individuals who make up the independent contractor community.